Russell Blakeborough

Russell Blakeborough

Multilingual technologist

Russell's combination of technical abilities and communication skills make him at home in diverse environments and allow him to maximise the use of technical expertise within an organisation. A natural communicator proficient in 7 languages, he focuses on open source communications technology.

Specialisms: Wordpress, Drupal, Symfony, multilingual systems, media & taxonomy.

MA Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge)


Projects Summary - Full Timeline

Project Management - Software full product lifecycle & foundation of major open source project

Web Development - Drupal, Symfony, Laravel, Wordpress, (X)HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, CSS, SEO, Analytics, CVS, SVN, GIT, Apache, Drush, internationalisation

Software development - PHP, Object Pascal (Delphi), C, C++, JavaScript on Windows, Linux & OSX

Languages - English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, Italian

Educational technology - Micro:bit, Calliope, Raspberry Pi, Moodle

AV Production - Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Virtual Dub

22 years commercial experience - read more