Russell Blakeborough - Projects Summary

Open Sounds - Musical composition social networking system for schools in the UK, Denmark, Italy, France and Spain.

School of Everything - High volume peer to peer web education system in Drupal. Cloud based with major new developments in taxonomy and semantics on release to Drupal contrib.

Energy Union - EU Intelligent Energy project in Drupal. 13 languages with complex AV editorial workflow.

VJamm - Professional AV performance software developed in Delphi. VJamm 3 is designed for ultra-low latency playback of video in live performance and studio environments. VJamm 3 is the only commercial software available to offer this level of performance and demonstrates cutting edge real-time programming techniques - The VJamm website is custom built inhouse in PHP - mulitingual - automatic online purchasing / key shipping system.

Gridio - Interactive AV installation commissioned by the Pompidou Centre and European City of Culture

FreeFrame - Founding of major Open Source project - now the plugin format used by all VJ softwares
to share video effects

PIXnMIX - Website production for Channel 4 Ideas Factory including a dynamic Clip Sharing system on the Creative Commons License (the 'Candy Jar').

Further Skills:

Systems Design, Development & Administration: PC & Mac - Windows, Linux, OSX - Apache, PHP, MySQL
Electronic Engineering & Design - particularly computer interface systems and RF control
Translation - general & technical documents
Graphic Production - Design direction, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max

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